Oriental Fragrance Staple


Amber is not a single note but a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients - most notably vanilla, patchouli, and styrax amongst others. This perfumery concoction results in an accord that conveys a rich, warm, and earthy feel.


“There are perfume legends, there are perfumer legends and then there are perfumes that become obsessions. Fracas is all three.” - Chandler Burr, The New York Times

Fracas Little Pink Box Gift Set
Fracas Little Pink Box Gift Set

Fracas Little Pink Box Gift Set

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The coveted jewel in the crown of Piguet’s glittering collection, 1948 game-changer Fracas is a long-time trendsetter. Here, legendary perfumer, Germaine Cellier, sought to create a scent that would make its wearer feel like a bombshell; one that would leave an unsettling effect on everyone that encountered it.

Presented in a pink gift box with black satin ribbon, the Little Pink Box includes Fracas Eau de Parfum spray in a 30ml flacon as well as a 7.5ml Rollerball.

Enchanting and mesmerizing

Casbah Eau de Parfum


Our New Discovery Set!

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Five of our most enticing scents presented in 2.5 ml samplers. Housed in a chic pull-out coffret, L' Expérience Piguet is the most exciting way to dip your toes into the incredible world of this niche fragrance brand legend. Fragrances include Fracas, Casbah, V (formerly Visa), Oud Délice and Notes.